Concession Cup.
Event Description.

Created by supporters of amateur golf, The Concession Cup is an event designed to celebrate the game through international competition while giving back to worthy causes. The event is a biennial team competition played between teams comprised of leading male Mid-Amateurs, Senior-Amateurs and Senior Amateurs - age 65+ from the United States and Great Britain and Ireland. The  Concession Cup Committee will select the participating players through the following categories:

  • Six (6) Mid-Amateurs, age 25 to 54.
  • Six (6) Senior Amateurs, age 55 and older.
  • Two (2) Senior Amateurs, age 65 and older.

    Senior Amateurs, age 65+ must be a national champion in either the U.S. or Britain or a former member of a Walker Cup team.

The Concession Cup delivers a world–class experience for its participants, sponsors, volunteers, attendees and members of The Concession Golf Club while showcasing top amateur golfers from around thw world and the true spirit, character and competitiveness of amateur golf, all for the benefit of charity. In addition to the focus on amateur golf and worthwhile charities the event will feature a number of the greats in the game, who will come together through the Concession Cup in an effort to support the goal of giving back.

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